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NFT11 - A football inspired universe where anyone can earn own a football team, unique down to the last player, made possible through the bleeding edge technology of blockchain. NFT11 is a blockchain-based game, with all transactions executed fairly and transparent on the blockchain. It is our goal to create a series of games based on the same ecosystem to eventually attract a wider userbase.


the first football
manager simulator on the blockchain


Slide BOOSTER PACK NFT11 PLAYERS MOVECARDS Booster packs are a manager's opportunity to bring their club to the next level! By purchasing booster packs, managers are able to get tactic cards to equip their players and rumor has it that they even have a chance of scoring players in their pack. Each player is an NFT and is unique on the blockchain. Players grow in their careers as they represent their clubs by participating in NFT11 tournaments. The more games they play, the more their stats improve and the more they increase in market value! NFT11 Cards are an incredibly unique feature in NFT11! It is one of the fundamental aspects of our Gameplay that will set us apart from other football games as well as football manager games.




NFT11 is ultimately a football management game and like traditional football manager games it will still be a simulation based on a myriad of calculations which take an immense number of factors into account. These include the Manager’s tactical instructions, Player stats, Player attributes, team’s attributes, selected Factions, etc. Essentially if there's a stat/mechanic/layer for it, it's considered in the match engine.
NFT11 wishes to give its Managers another layer of strategy and so they may choose to make active decisions during Trigger Events. This is also where Move Cards come in.
Events are triggered by the match engine algorithm considering all the factor mentioned above as well as some RNG.



NFT11 Stadiums


Stadiums are sacred land in NFT11. Stadiums are where managers can send their players for training, train new players and host soccer games! In NFT11, managers are able to own shares of stadiums which correspond to the number of seats that they own, each seat being an NFT. The more seats you own, the more benefits you reap. As more people use the stadiums, the more valuable the stadium and each seat becomes.

Strategic Guilds




Phase 1 0

NFT11 Game & Player Mechanics Blueprint

Inspired by the most popular Blockchain Game: Axie Inifinity, the team drew the blueprints of NFT11 gameplay. Marking the birth of the first ever Football Manager Simulator on the Blockchain. Borrowing successful game mechanics from Axie Infinity, such as breeding and scholarships, NFT11 has integrated its unique take into NFT11 Universe.

NFT11 Tokenomics

Tokenomics development and development of smart Contract for NFT11 tokens. NFT11 is a BEP-20 Token on Binance Smart Chain. Pre-minting tokens for Initial Farm Offering on IFOSwap.Fianance. Check out our whitepaper for more details on NFT11 Tokenomics :

Phase 2 0

NFT11 Player Development

Development of NFT11 Players. First look and concept finalised. First Batch of NFT11 Legend Players in production for NFT11 Player Pre-Sales. A total supply of 47,500 NFT11 Legends player to be minted, and released for sales in batches

Pre launch 0

NFT11 Fundraising Round 1

NFT11 Initial Farm Offering (IFO) on IFOSwap.Finance.
Total NFT11 Tokens for Private Sales : 5% of total Supply (6,250,000 NFT11)
NFT11 Tokens for sale in IFO Round 1= 1,562,500 NFT11

Pre Sales 0

NFT11 Legend Player Pre-Sales Round 1

First release of NFT11 Legends to be bought with NFT11 tokens. 50% of total supply will be released in First Round of Pre-sales. *amount subjected to change*

Phase 3 0

NFT11 Partnership talks

Partnership talks with various license holders for both soccer and games categories

Phase 4 0

NFT11 Stadium + Dashboard

Development of NFT11 Stadium Mechanics + NFT11 Dashboard functionality to view Manager's Squad. NFT11 Dashboard to be able to buy NFT11 Players with NFT11 Tokens

Pre Sale (NFT11 Stadium) 0

NFT11 Stadium Pre-Sales Round 1

First release of NFT11 Stadiums for sale. 5% of total seats to be released for sales

Phase 5 0

NFT11 Legend Stats + Stadium Training Launch

Launch of NFT11 Stadiums and Training Mechanics to receive NFT11 Player Stats. Alpha stage of NFT11 Stadium Minting / Training new NFT11 Players

Phase 6 0

NFT11 Clubs

Launch of NFT11 Clubs. Form your club with NFT11 Players and get an overall Stats for your club.

Alpha Launch 0

NFT11 Browser Game

Take part in tournaments hosted in NFT11 Stadium. Pit your NFT11 Club with your rivals and see wins the tournament prize!


1. What is NFT11?

NFT11 is a soccer manager simulation game where you (the manager) own a squad of 11 soccer players and pit them against other manager’s squads!

2. Where can I buy NFT11 Legends?

NFT11 Legends will be available for sale on our dashboard. NFT11 Legends will be priced at 9.99 NFT11 for public sales.

3. How many NFT11 Legends can I buy?

There is currently no limit to the number of NFT11 Legends a wallet can own.

4. Will I be able to trade my NFT11 Legends?

Yes! All NFT11 Legends (and future assets) are NFTs that can be traded on our marketplace when the marketplace is up!

5. When can I play NFT11?

We’re still in the early development phase of the game.

You can check out our roadmap to follow us on this journey as we hit our milestones together!

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